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Cost sharing & GHG emissions calculator
The calculator allows you to define a fair contribution between drivers and passengers.

It also provides an overview of how much money you could save by carpooling and potential greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Step 1: State or province
The Calculator parameters are set for:
Step 2: Fixed operating costs based on an average of 15538 miles per year
Miles travelled per year
Driver's license (annual fees)
License plate (annual fees)
Car insurance (average annual fees)
Total: 0.00 $
Cost per mile travelled: 0.00 $ / miles
Step 3: Fuel consumption of the vehicule used to travel
Choose your type of vehicule:
Enter the price of fuel per gallon:
Step 4: Enter the number of miles travelled with your fellow carpooler
Enter the amount of travelled mile during your route
(one way):
Calculate for a round trip:
Calculate for a one-way trip:
Number of people in the vehicule (including the driver):
Step 5: Daily additional fees

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