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Over 79,000 registered members, 58 partners and a lot more than carpooling ! and its affiliated Websites are operated by The Carpooling Network, a privately owned company based in Canada. It was launched in November 2005 thanks to the initiative of two young entrepreneurs who wished to contribute to the environmental cause by providing an efficient solution to facilitate carpooling between commuters.

Since its inception, The Carpooling Network has developed unique technologies in the industry that enable organizations of all sizes to make a simple and effective management of sustainable mobility programs. Software and management tools available on are functional across Canada and the United States and can also be adapted to countries and regions outside of North America.

Mission and objectives

Our primary mission is to provide our affiliated partners (employers, institutions such as colleges and universities, municipalities, transit agencies, etc.) with the tools and consulting services necessary for the implementation and effective management of sustainable mobility programs. In addition, we are devoted to promoting carpooling as an alternate mode of transportation to public transit systems.

Through online software primarily built to match people wishing to carpool, acts as an intermediary between registered members and does not provide transportation for people. has many objectives such as reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, reducing traffic congestion and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, we aim to collaborate with transit agencies to offer a complementary mode of transportation to their existing network.

Transportation management – Software and consulting services

At the forefront of the industry, offers a variety of tools and consulting services that enable a simple and effective management of transportation issues. Employers and institutions of all sizes, transit agencies, cities, municipalities and event organizers have access to a wide range of tools and services tailored to their needs.

Our most useful management tools are customized carpooling website, module for the management or reserved carpool parking spaces, guaranteed return home program module, promotional contests module, business trips and travels management module (travel costs and carbon footprint inventory), sustainable event management option, daily commuting habits surveys & reports and more.

The tools integrated in the software are accessible by Internet and are mostly automated. Managers responsible of sustainable mobility programs can therefore invest a minimum time in the management of their program to focus their energies and resources on promoting the program itself.

A unique model in the industry

All the tools available on are free for anyone who is looking for a carpooler to share a ride. is functional throughout Canada and the United States. It can be used for daily commutes, business travel or one time / long distance trips.

To achieve its objectives and to accomplish its mission, The Carpooling Network has developed a business model based on partnerships with employers, institutions, municipalities, transit agencies and any organization wishing to encourage carpooling in their community. To date, nearly 58 partners have joined this initiative to encourage carpooling within their community.

If your organization wishes to join, please contact us for more information on the tools and consulting services that could be adapted to your needs.

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